Thai Massage


What is a Thai massage? It is a type of massage and manipulation of the body that was developed in Thailand, and influenced by the traditional medicines of India, China and Southeast Asia, as well as by yoga.

How the therapy works. A Thai massage is done on a firm mat on the floor. There are no lotions or oils used for this therapy. The recipient wears loose, comfortable clothing and is positioned in yoga like positions. The combination of massage and manipulating the body releases deep tension and calms the nervous system. You will also be encouraged to sync your breath with certain movements to gain that deep connection within.

Do you have to be a yogi to get a Thai massage? Absolutely not! Thai massage is for every body! Those with limited movements within their bodies have loved how this therapy feels! Kids also love to receive this therapy! Kids that are hard core athletes really have enjoyed this therapy to keep their bodies healthy for their sports. It also teaches them how to relax! Thai massage is also a great way to take care of athletes as they train during their sports: softball, football, basketball, track, gymnastics, tennis, soccer, etc. All of the repetition from these sports puts major strain on young bodies. We have several athletes that we see on a regular basis!

60 min for $60
75 min for $75
90 min for $90
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